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New annotation causes crash
New annotation causes crash for previously annotated (and potential for merely previously edited) files. Running Windows 10 with NVivo (no I can't update to 12.6, due to the installer not working, see the bug report for this here: ) I was working on a file, and remembered that I needed to code a section in a different file as something. I opened that file, which had previously been worked on and (mostly) completed. I used the search tool to find the phrase I wanted. I tagged the section. I wanted to add an annotation to the section, so I would remember what I was doing later on. I used the shortcut ctrl+shift+a to make a new annotation and NVivo crashed(although the right-click menu option crashed previously too). I reopened NVivo and had this issue numerous (about 6 times), where creating a new annotation would crash NVivo. I restarted my computer, and this did the same thing. I tried doing this without using the search tool, no success. I tried doing it on a different file, no success. I tried without the shortcut, no success. I tried doing something else in between opening and making the annotation, no success. I thought I may have reached the limit for number of annotations (I had 309), no success, it crashed after deleting and making a new one. One thing I have found to work: In the file that I want to add an annotation to, edit an existing annotation. Make sure the changes are updates (no need to save, but don't cancel the changes either). I thought this may be an issue for files which don't have existing annotations yet, so I tested that out. I opened a file which I have not worked on before, and tried to add an annotation using ctrl+shift+a. This worked, and did not crash, so that is good. But that means that this could still be an issue for files which have been tagged/coded, but no annotations, as I can't edit annotations, but it's been edited - I will try this out later.
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