NVIvo allows me to import and classify sources and cases, using attribute values. If I want to classify items, I need a classification structure. And CLASSIFICATION is a French word!!!!
The use of the term Characteristic/Caractéristique seems to me totally inadequate. In some ways, “caractéristique” is much closer and related to the notion of "attribute value". I classify cases using a series of characteristics/caractéristiques (gender, age, etc.) that define them. Caractéristiques/attributes values allows me to create FILES OR CASES CLASSIFICATION !
As a trainer, it’s sometimes (often) difficult and painstaking to explain to trainees this notion of classification, especially when it comes to justifying and understanding the relevance of creating cases in a research project. At the end of a training workshop, the participants happily end up understanding case classification’s meaning and usefulness. They come to understand it because I talk about CLASSIFICATION, absolutely not about characteristic.
Could you please (QSR team ;-) rename “Caractéristique de fichier” and “Caractéristique de cas” for “Classification de fichiers” and “Classification de cas”…