Windows10, NVivo 12 Plus (version 64-bit).
I open NVivo and it says that an update for 12.6 has been downloaded and is waiting for installation.
I select Install Now, and it goes through a process to try and install.
This then opens a cmd window. Over the cmd window, a loading box displays and closes.
Then closes the cmd window.
Then a Preparing to install window opens. the progress bar progresses.
It closes, but nothing happens.
When I open a NVivo project, it (again) asks if i want to upgrade to the new version 12.6.
I have tried this by launching NVivo as both a standard user and as an admin user, neither works.
i have also tried this with NVivo not running, and with NVivo running. This doesn't change the outcome.
I have restarted my computer and still this does not work.
I want the upgrade.
I do not want to uninstall NVivo, so won't upgrade if this is required.